Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday night

Today was designed for a more relaxed approach to the General Convention.  While the ECW was putting on a 5K walk/run (making more than $7000 for a local agency which helps mothers and children), I didn't have enough time to do that and get to another traditional gathering of the Episcopal Women's Caucus.  So I did my  regular walk along the canal then off the the breakfast.  House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson gave a superb talk with many photos, illustrations and video clips about circular leadership and how it is the right paradigm for times such as this.  Awards were given and another video highlighting the contributions of Marge Christie to the Episcopal Church was premiered.  These women are great exemplars of the faith and the important work women have done for the Church.

Then off to worship.  I didn't hear a number of attendees, but it may have been around 6-7,000.  Absolutely beautiful music with a several hundred voice combined choir accompanied by brass, tympani and organ.  The procession of the bishops is always thrilling as we belted out, "Christ is made the sure foundation,"  with brass and sopranos on an amazing descant.  Once again the Presiding Bishop preached a thoughtful, inspiring sermon about our call, individually and corporately, to proclaim the prophetic word to a broken, hurting world.  She was more playful and humorous than I've seen her before.  Much of the service was in Spanish with some French and an unknown language thrown in to mix things up.  I love the broad and inclusive sense of the Episcopal Church that is evidenced at times like this.

While many deputies spend the early afternoon at Victory Field eating and taking part in carnival type activities, I joined a college roommate and sorority sister for lunch at at English style pub in another part of the city.  It was very relaxing and fun to take up as if we had never been apart, though we are facing very different challenges with aging parents, looming retirement, etc. 

Back to the Convention Center for another 4 hour legislative session which was unexpectedly shortened  with an hour break due to the lack of resolutions returned and calendared by committees for consideration.  I spent a good part of the time cruising the Exhibition area and visiting with acquaintances.

Our Province ( The Land of Lakes, Plains and Mountains:  Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming) met for some election business and for refreshments at a nearby tavern.  The cooler weather made the walk back to our hotel a relaxing and enjoying way to end the day.

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