Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday morning

When I returned to my room last night, my energy was simply not there to summarize the day before hitting the proverbial hay.  But after a good nights sleep and a fin walk with even a hint of a breeze, I am up to putting down a few thoughts about yesterday.

Began with a walk beside the canal but at my regular turn around, I thought to cross the bridge and come back by a different way.  About half way back the path was barricaded with a locked gate--so needed to backtrack, find an alternative and meet other runner/walkers than the regulars I have already come to "know" on these early mornings.  It is not unlike General Convention, we get pretty used to doing things in an accepted, "normal" way, but every once in a while there is an innovative motion or idea.  Through parliamentary procedure, discussion and debate, it may be blocked; but then it also may take us on alternative path with new energy as we encounter different people with different passions and paths.

Yesterday's worship was magnificent.  Bishop Cate Waynick of Indianapolis presided and Bishop Curry of NC preached another moving, dynamic, fun sermon.  Oh to preach with that energy and insight and humor.  He highlighted those crazy Christians who courageously step out in faith--Mary Magdalene who follows Jesus right to the cross when most of the others were absent; Harriet Beecher Stowe (whose feast we were celebrating).  He wove the Battle Hymn of the Republic into the sermon and had some in tears and many in laughter at other points.  A steel pan band from Brooklyn provided some of the music, so there was a Jamaican flare as some good ol' Baptist hymns were played as a prelude and later as communion music.

The afternoon was devoted to a long legislative session that seemed to get somewhat bogged down in parliamentary maneuvering, forcing some resolutions back to committee for perfection.  Many of the deputation attended an evening hearing on the Blessing resolution. We have a terrific deputation who are following structure, urban and social issues and the budget.  Everyone is finding a pace and seems energized by who they are meeting and what they are encountering.  At times this seems to be the church at its best:  folks speaking passionately about their beliefs, often in opposition to another but with a willingness to listen.  The diversity that is so apparent can be celebrated as we move forward with faith to what may seem an uncertain future, were it not the assurance that Jesus is just ahead beckoning onward to join him in what he is doing to heal, restore and reconcile the whole world and all its amazing creatures.

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  1. Hey Mare, Great writing as usual! Thanks for doing this blog from GC. I love reading your thoughts about the various activities and resolutions. Take care of that neck! Martha