Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Indiana, my Indiana!

Well, here I am in downtown Indianapolis for the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.  This will be my sixth one as a deputy from Wyoming; I missed once since I've been ordained and served once as the Chaplain for the Triennial Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women.  While our deputation will be putting info out on a the diocesan website and through Face Book, I hope to blog (at least occasionally) about my experiences and reflections.  I am not sure that I will be able to post many photos, but will give it a shot later.

Today was a travel day, flying from Laramie through very smoky skies to Denver, then on to Indianapolis.  It wasn't too hard to discern the other Episcopalians on the flight--an old friend from previous conventions and a new friend reading one of the books recommended before getting here.  I took a stretch limo in with a carload of folks from South Carolina, Virginia and Florida--instant connections and common friends.  Met one of our deputies in the lobby, toured the convention center and met with most of our group for supper together at California Pizza.  Lots of fun and great food.  A nice stroll through the downtown--hot and muggy, to me--then back to the hotel to get organized and a phone call to my sister who just saw her son begin his time at the US Military Academy at West Point.   And so with this brief start up, I will take leave of you, gentle reader, and catch some Zzz's.  Tomorrow committee meetings start early and then we are off and running by the afternoon.

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