Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent: A pregnant time

After a very long hiatus I finally wrote something for this blog.  These poetic snippets are being used when we light the candles of our Advent wreath.  The choir then sings "Advent Lullaby" by John Bell.  It was a nice way for us to begin Advent as a pregnant time.

Advent Wreath Lighting for 20ll
with gratitude for inspiration from Madeleine L’Engle’s
“The Risk of Birth, An Advent Poem”
Advent 1, November 27
Shh….Shh…A babe’s on the way…
Shh…This is no time for a child to be born.  The world is torn with war and hate,
tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes.
Darkness clouds minds and hearts, corruption infects leaders, pollution envelopes creation.
Sun spots and asteroids warn that time runs out.  Exhausting enough to make you sleep through it all.
Love’s incarnation, the seed has been planted; a child will be born...
Shush now…Be still!  In the pregnant silence of Advent, expectant with hope, wait for tomorrow, the time will soon come.  God comes in God’s time.
Advent 2, December 4
Shh…Shh…A babe’s on the way…
Shh…not time enough yet for the fetus to form.
The beautiful secret hidden inside, yet signs of pregnancy begin now to show.
God whispers comfort….mercy meets truth, and peace kisses righteousness.
Gossip the good news across the fence, through Twitter, with Face book--
Love’s incarnation, heart’s fire will be kindled
Shush now! Be still!  In the pregnant silence of Advent, prepare to get moving, but wait for tomorrow, the Lord is not slow… God comes in God’s time.
Advent 3, December 11
Shh…Shh…A babe’s on the way…
Shh… second trimester; awareness of new life kicks into gear.
God’s on the move, valleys lifted, hills leveled, mighty scattered, hungry filled.
Blind folks see, lame folks walk….Life’s great reversal is beginning to grow.
Gold, rose, blue dawn blankets the plain, ready to receive the soon coming baby
Love’s incarnation… birth’s not far away.
Shush now! Be still!!! In the pregnant silence of Advent, transformation takes labor; be patient… wait for tomorrow, God comes in God’s time.

Advent 4, December 18
Shh…shh.. A babe’s on the way…
Shh…It won’t be long now ‘til celebration and mirth,
But before there’s a baby, first there is girth (raging hormones, exhaustion, and cravings galore)
Waiting with faith, preparing for change—slowing us down ‘til the fullness of time.
Confined in dark warmth of the Virgin’s womb foretell confines of cold Mother Earth’s tomb before bursting forth as life and light of the world.
Shush now! Be still!!! In final days of this pregnant silence, deliver God’s love with whispered assent,
 “Here I am, let it be…Let the Christ be borne in me… God is here now and God comes tomorrow.

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