Sunday, August 2, 2009

You satisfy the hungry heart with gift of finest wheat

As another step in preparing for the Sabbatical, I spent Friday and Saturday with my long-time friend, Roxanne, at her farmhouse in southeast Wyoming. She has graciously invited my dogs, Fargo and Rebel, to stay with her and her dogs, Winny (short for Winston Churchill) and Moose (short for Mussolini). It was a very relaxing time on the farm, getting the dogs acclimated to a new place. They liked all the new smells and places to explore. The quietness of the countryside, the amazing stars where there is no light pollution, the changing colors of the fields. Looking across the landscape is the light brown soil which has been plowed, the tan of wheat stubble, the gold of uncut wheat, and the bright green of irrigated corn, stripes of color stretching as far as the eyes can see. I shot some photos of some ripe wheat. I was just a field ahead of the combines, so it is probably cut by now.
On this Sunday as we hear again how Jesus is the bread of life and what it means ultimately to believe in him so that we neither hunger or thirst, I am grateful to have seen this wheat scattered upon the rolling hillsides of Wyoming. Scattered, gathered, made into one loaf to feed us, so that we can be scattered to share the nourishing Word with our neighbors.
I didn't preach about this, but rather retold the David story, summarizing last week's affair with Bathsheba, then moving to Nathan's indictment, concluding the words which our lectionary unfortunately omits, "Now the Lord has put away your sin." The merest ackknowledgement of sin and forgiveness comes as unexpected and amazing grace. Even God's judgment becomes an occasion for grace. What an assurance that none of us are so good that we have no real need of grace and none are so bad that we are beyond the scope of grace. What the world needs know is grace, sweet grace, amazing grace, grace upon grace... it's the only things that there's just too little of.

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  1. Hey Mare, I think it is very well done. Really liked the notes on the lessons and our bread of life. I have no blogging advice or suggestions, as I am a major green-horn. I will say that I am thrilled to hear the happenings of this adventure !! Boring, it will not be !! Computer goes back in the box this week so you won't hear much from me until we are settled in. Talk to ya soon